The It’s Alives- 9-song demo

9 songs of overdriven punk ‘n’ roll for the switched on urbanite: Guillotine- Drinkin’ in My Lincoln- Who Asked You?- Projection Booth- Lead Suit- Glory Hole- Piranha- (I’m Gonna) Wait Outside- Wolf Hole. It’s snotty, B-movie punk with a bit of elbow grease.




2 stickers


Sticker photo
2 new sticker designs.

Warehouse find!!! -Reticent Notoriety-

I found a small box of my poetry chapbook Reticent Notoriety. The screen printed covers and accompanying drawings were done by a great artist I enjoyed working with called Danny Martin. The poems are about my some of my favorite people. It was a fun project. I'd like to do a poetry project again.




I finally made a t-shirt. This was the image for the promo poster for issue three and has long been one of my favorite drawings. Cramhole “Frank’s Thoughts” red t-shirt. Price includes postage. s/m/l/xl available.



Cramhole #5

Number five is a one-story issue. My swansong for my second stint in D.C., Cramhole 5: The Curse of Khunum is the story of an army of mummies led by an Egyptian god taking over D.C. after being summoned by an ancient strain of marijuana.



The League

The League is Billups Allen’s first full-length novel. It follows the struggles of Martin Selby as he overcomes crippling social anxiety and being self-conscious about his weight only to discover there is no real reward in doing so. Physical copies are available from me.


The League: Ebook available at Amazon $6.99

The League: Ebook available at Barnes and Noble 6.49

Cramhole #2

#2 is a series of comic vignettes about working in general and also working in my most comfortable space: record stores. Cat and Girl's Dorothy Gambrell generously contributed a comic in this issue, along with the rare and enigmatic Mr. Chen. Segments include: "Death of the American Record Store" and "Who Hasn't Had at Least Thirteen Fuckin' Jobs!!!"



Cramhole #1

Cramhole #1 is a 40-page comic inspired by a series of difficult houseguests one busy summer. Billups Allen has been accused of being a stick-in-the-mud about it, but those people didn’t live through it.




2-issue bundle

Any two issues of Cramhole!!!


3-issue bundle


4-issue bundle

Any four issues for one price!!!


5-issue bundle

All five issues of Cramhole; while we’re waiting on number 6!!! For the price of a reasonable book, you can catch up with the whole Cramhole thrill-ride.


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