Cramhole #5



The League is Billups Allen’s first full-length novel. It follows the struggles of Martin Selby as he overcomes crippling social anxiety and being self-conscious about his weight only to discover there is no real reward in doing so.

Ebook available at Amazon $6.99

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The League

Physical copies available from me.


Cramhole #2

#2 is a series of comic vignettes about working in general and also working in my most comfortable space: record stores. Cat and Girl's Dorothy Gambrell generously contributed a comic in this issue, along with the rare and enigmatic Mr. Chen. Segments include: "Death of the American Record Store" and "Who Hasn't Had at Least Thirteen Fuckin' Jobs!!!"


Cramhole #1

Cramhole #1 is a 40-page comic inspired by a series of difficult houseguests one busy summer. Billups Allen has been accused of being a stick-in-the-mud about it, but those people didn’t live through it.


I added $3 shipping across the board. For the bundles it evens it out to $5 an issue, which is generally the hand to hand price.

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