Warehouse find!!!


Warehouse find!!! -Reticent Notoriety-

I found a small box of my poetry chapbook Reticent Notoriety. The screen printed covers and accompanying drawings were done by a great artist I enjoyed working with called Danny Martin. The poems are about my some of my favorite people. It was a fun project. I'd like to do a poetry project again.


October 27, 2018

Pistols tape

Going through my stuff, I found one of my favorite things I ever found in a thrift store. It’s a cassette cover of some sort of Never Mind the Bollocks bootleg or mix. I found it in an thrift store in Virginia and I struggle to remember if I found the tape with it, but I don’t think I did. Note the misspelled songs titles. It’s not the most valuable thing I ever found, but I’d hate to be without it. I put it in a tiny frame.


This is the art for our new tape. The drawing on the screen is Mikey’s. The tape should be done pretty soon. I’ll put it on the website store when it’s finished.

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