June 11, 2018


I haven’t had a good interview come out in a while. The New Lunchmeat #9 has an interview I did with Pleasant Gehman, co-author of the VHS bound classic The Runnin’ Kind.

You can pick it up here: Lunchmeat

Support Lunchmeat. It’s a great magazine about VHS. I’ve contributed to the last couple of issues and I love it.

They also sent me a few to sell at SMASH. I’ll get them there this week.

June 4, 2018


Here’s a picture of the one-sheet I did for tonight’s screening. Thanks to everyone who came out. I enjoyed showing one of my favorites on a big screen.

June 4, 2018

Session 9 2

Cramhole invites you back for the second in our horror/sci-fi screening series at The Black Cat. Setting and a fear of the unknown fuel this surprise cult classic from 2001. Drink specials and a high-quality popcorn machine will be provided. Cramhole creator Billups Allen will host with candy, an informative one-sheet, and hopefully some enlightening commentary. This event is free and the film is a favorite in the Cramhole community.

Monday, June 4, 2018 8:00   FREE!!!

The Black Cat


June 3, 2018


I have never taken so long to come up with a band name before. I hope it was worth it; I’m pretty happy with it.

Our first show will be on June 23rd at a house in Maryland up by where Meaghan and Garrett live. I’ll get the address.

We also finished our demo. It’s going to mastered and then we’ll do a BandCamp page.  Here’s an unmastered sample:



(I’m Gonna) Wait Outside

June 2, 2018


Working on a last minute one-sheet for one of my favorite 2000 era horror films. There may be a last minute screening on Monday June 4 at The Black Cat.

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