Did They Really?

This Friday, Febuary 26, GonerTV will be premiering a new quiz show Did They Really? I’ll be hosting and I did the opening sequence here. Take a look this Friday if you get a chance.

Goner TV January 29th, 2021

This Friday the 29th I’ll be co-hosting GonerTV. This week I have a new Billups Sees a Movie for you as well. I promise it will be the sexiest one yet. Also keep an eye out for a music video for the new Ar-Kaics single. All this and cocktails this Friday night.

Slabbin’ – 18

Tommy and the Commies: Four song single: 7”
Here lies another favorite from two Gonerfests ago, back in the days of yore when you could be in the same room with a band. Tommy and the Commies play snotty, ’77-style punk with an urgent hump and a MOD jump. And talk about olden-days value: this four-song spinner rips and rips. “Hurtin’ for Certain” opens the single with a quickness patching verse and chorus with a melodic guitar run. “Impulse Action” is a boxcar on this train with an awesome staccato riff for the chorus. I hate to compare, but if you love the Buzzcocks, you’ll love this. The album is great. This single is great. No filler band. ‘Nuff said. – Billups Allen (Slovenly)

New column art

I’m working on a new Splat the Movies column for Razorcake. This upcoming installment is about the filmmaker Charles Burnett. Here’s a picture of the art I hope to use.

New GONERTV January 15th.

I’ll be doing a bit of hosting tomorrow night. I’m going to talk about one of my favorite Christmas presents.

We’re working on Billups Sees a Movie III for the January 29th broadcast. Until then, I hope to see you tomorrow night.

Slab of Some Week – 17

V/A: Killed by Meth #5: LP

This is the fifth entry in a great series of comps highlighting Midwestern bands keeping the traditions of lo-fi, muck-laden, leave-me-alone punk alive. If you’re a fan of three- chord punk and feel like your options are waning these days, this is the series to follow. Number five does not disappoint. Erik Nervous is always good for a chorus; his entry “Don’t Want Your Milk” stays on target as full-on blaster. “Dirtbike” by The Fucking Astronauts is another highlight blasting off with overdriven bass and a spooky keyboard melody that goes well with being up late at night.  Mononegatives kick in with a Devo-infused keyboard and an infectious ascending guitar riff. Killed by Meth as a whole keeps trashy punk current and tasteful. It’s a great comp and always affordable amongst rising vinyl prices. – Billups Allen (It’s Trash)

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