April 23, 2018

I’m still working on the stuff for previous posts for the new Cramhole, but I’ve started inking a bit. I think I’m gonna do red and black. Red was number one’s color, but I don’t really see this being orange. Sorry orange… I went overboard with this Omen thing. I was really just looking for a 6 for issue six and got carried away. Below is what I’m thinking for the back…


In for a penny I guess. I actually feel I need to start writing Frank back in to the stories.




Ugly Things 47 is out. I reviewed a recent Gal Costa re-issue, along with the Hüsker Dü box set and the fifth volume of the Hillbillies in Hell series. I’m always grateful to get a review or two published in Ugly Things.

And drawing and listening to records…


I did a piece in Cramhole 4 about the bebop saxophone player Aubrey “Brew” Moore. Every few years a new set of performances is released. This is a nice listen for fans of bebop. I’m actually a nephew to Mr. Moore, but I never met him. Still, I think it’s neat when his music gets released.


Total Punk is a favorite label of mine. This full-length on Total Punk is an Ohio band with loads of Devo-esque cronks and pops. Great album. I sent a review to Razorcake. Hope they use it.


I have mixed feelings about RSD releases, but they get me on one or two every year. This is Hawkwind’s UA singles. Some of this has been on a CD comp, but it’s pretty new to me. I’m a suck for this era.


I’ve been trying to keep some dramatics in the air while drawing.





If you read, I’ve been revisiting these short story books by comedian Alexie Sayle. Sayle’s writing could be mined for a Twilight Zone-type show with a bend on comedy. These stories really are great. Very unusual and overlooked writer.




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