March 17, 2018


I’ve been working on an article about the San Francisco producer/musician Patrick Cowley for the next Cramhole. I was introduced to Cowley when I was in an band in Brooklyn and the guitarist wanted to cover one of his songs. But they didn’t tell me it was a cover; I just learned the song from the guitarist. I really loved that experience. We recorded a cover without me knowing it was a cover. Cowley was a dance music producer who loved Rock ‘n’ Roll. Sadly, little is written about Cowley’s life, but he was active during an exciting time in both dance music and San Francisco history.
As research, I’ve read Alice Echols’ excellent book Hot Stuff: Disco and the Remaking of American Culture and The Fabulous Sylvester: The Legend, the Music, the Seventies in San Francisco by Joshua Gamson. Both are great books about the era.

I’ve also been inking this page: “It’s Hard Being Blackula” for the next Cramhole.


That script about the Medieval (i spelled Medieval forst try) metal band I wanna do for Cramhole 6 is coming along…

I’ve been calling it Theater Alice, but I’m not sure I’m gonna land on that. I’ve found I’m often bad at naming things. I’ve been jamming with some new people and wanted to call the demo the Afraid to Fart e.p. I think it’s catchy.


I didn’t get into the Damaged City Art Fest even though I received an email saying I was in. That was a bummer. It’s like getting a rejection letter with an attached acceptance letter so you can get a look at what being a winner looks like. Still, I know I’m not a real artist, so I’m content to work on the new Cramhole. Cramhole is about working with other artists, so I hope to get to a point soon where I can hand out scripts and start posting other people’s drawings soon.

Here’s what’s playing while drawing:


This is a classic recently reissued for fans of proto-punk metal. Riff-heavy. I hope to review this for the next Ugly Things.


Good one.


I’ve been really into the trio of albums getting out the unissued Hendrix recordings. Really is great stuff. It’s easy to forget about him because his hits play so often, but these albums have some unique songs and he had a really unique phrasing of the blues.


I still pick up the new Priest records.

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