March 2, 2018

I’m working on some new drawings for Cramhole 6. So far, segments include:
An American Werewolf in Whitesnake.
An article about San Francisco electronic music innovator, producer Patrick Cowley.

I’m also working on a script about a doom metal band traveling through the dark ages in a Maxx-style delirium. I’m hoping to collaborate with Mikey T on this, but I don’t want to obligate him on the web. Either way, this has been a different sort of thing for me, so I hope to at least get it to a few serial-style pages for the next issue.


I’ve been working slowly on some space-scapes? just for fun. This one was either rejected or accepted for the Damaged City Art Fest. I got an email that I was rejected, and then a few minutes later an email saying I was accepted to the show. I’m so afraid of further rejection I’m just going to ink it with a few others and be surprised if I get called to show up.

Billups Art 1.JPG

I also have some record reviews in the new Ugly Things.

Here are some records I’ve been enjoying while I draw, including a newer band so I can feel hip:

a0991358779_10.jpgmaxresdefault.jpgdownload.jpgany other way_jackie shane.jpg

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